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Known affectionately to his clients and customers as “The Skin Care Guru”, Tom Kish was born in Michigan and quickly developed an affinity for creating beauty. An avid painter, young Tom delighted in …

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Tom Kish Exclusive Skincare
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You can expect to see a difference in just one facial treatment.

I love what I do and strive for perfection.

Your skin will look healthier and feel like you want it to feel.

My goal is to exceed your expectations.

-Tom Kish

The Skin Sergeant – Tom Kish

So I had this amazing facial a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t the normal “fluffy facial”, I’ve nicknamed it the S&M facial because my skin sergeant Tom Kish was all business from the get-go. Now if you recall I worked in salons for 5 or so years so I’ve had my fill of some good skin care people.
My session with him was a gift from a friend that I helped out. She mentioned that he “worked on a few stars” a “couple of the girls from Desperate Housewives” hummm intrigued I drove to his Hollywood home to his studio. Before I did though I wanted to know more about this mystery man so I Googled him. Nothing. I became a little crazed…how does this person who has a skin care line not have anything come up about him? I still don’t know, but for the record I’ll mention Tom Kish’s name a few times so that when anyone else would like to know about Tom Kish’s Skin Care skills they can source this story.
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