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tom kish skincareTOM KISH


Known affectionately to his clients and customers as “The Skin Care Guru”, Tom Kish was born in Michigan and quickly developed an affinity for creating beauty. An avid painter, young Tom delighted in mixing watercolors and creating impressive works of art on canvasses now adorning the walls of many prominent homes to the delight of their owners. During this time, Tom also developed a fascination with natural medicines and herbal remedies and commenced his education as a gifted healer. These interests would mesh as Tom matured.

After outstanding service to his country as a member of the United States Air Force for 4 years, Tom relocated to Arizona where he continued to enhance his gift for creating beauty. However, now Tom’s canvasses were the faces of men and women and his paints were the glorious colors he created in make-ups and the skin care products bearing his name. Tom continued his education into the ancient healing arts of the Far East and in 1992 combined his training in make-up artistry and his extensive knowledge of Chinese medicines and herbs by starting Kish International, Inc. a company dedicated to truthful, effective skin care with results. Skin care products with integrity.

Tom quickly developed a following throughout many elite salons and distinguished medical practices in Arizona and California where he became a respected guest lecturer sharing his most recent discoveries in beauty and skin care. Tom continues to educate many cosmetic surgeons and beauty professionals on the effectiveness of his products. Due to the overwhelming success of his skin care products, Tom established skin care centers in several medical practices.tom kish

Tom has expanded his product line through the years but his philosophy remains the same: to combine various old world healing remedies with new high-tech chemical compositions to create original, truthful skin care products that work. In so doing, Tom shares his knowledge and discoveries of various healing sciences with his clients, customers and professionals within the beauty industry and medical fields.

Today, Tom Kish continues his trademark results-oriented success as “The Skin Care Guru” to men and women from all walks of life including award winning celebrities and entertainers who have come to rely on Tom and his remarkable skin care products for their healthy, youthful appearance.

The entire Kish line of skin care products can be found in better boutiques, specialty stores and salons or by telephoning 800-922-1331.

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