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I have embarrassing boils on my skin that I just can’t seem to get under control. My doctor just keeps prescribing antibiotics for me to take but the boils keep coming back. I am wary about the long term health consequences of the continued use of antibiotics. Can you recommend any other treatment?


The recurrence of boils (furunculosis) may indicate that your body is iron deficient and may be successfully treated with iron supplements.

Boils have been linked to a staphylococci bacteria infection and low iron levels increases your chances of developing such infections.

Iron deficiencies seem quite common during puberty in females with the onset of the menstrual cycle and accompanying blood loss. Deficiencies are also common in individuals over the age of 50 when the production of hydrochloric acid in the body necessary for iron assimilation declines.

In addition to common iron supplements I would also suggest topically applying the antibacterial grapefruit seed extract Citricidal. It has been shown to be effective at eliminating the staphylococcus bacteria associated with boils.

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