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Kish Three Step at Home Facial Peel Program

Resurface layers to more beautiful skin.

The Program:

Step One: On cleansed face (using the Kish mask brush) paint on a thin layer of Kish Slough Peel Cream. This will cause a tingle or slight stinging -- this is a normal reaction. Leave on face and let dry. Remove with warm water, using a facial cloth or sponge.

Step Two: On wet face, apply Soft Maize Scrub with finger tips. Lightly buff skin using your middle two fingers (this keeps pressure light). Continue to polish skin while going over the entire facial area (avoid eye area). One minute\'s time should be sufficient -- dont over scrub. Rinse skin completely with plenty of cool water and pat dry.

Step Three: Apply Resurface to a cotton pad (the dropper will measure the amount needed). Smooth over entire facial area avoiding eye area. Let dry and apply appropriate moisturizer.


Price: $200.00

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